Ronald Watson

Ronald from Day 1.

Ronald Watson was a co-conspirator in the Nuke/Gas conspiracy along side Josh Jackson and Jackson Hicks. He was also a former mob boss who infiltrated FBI San Francisco as a tech analist and sold classified information to Russian contacts. When Rick Jackson brought him down on these charges, Ronald gave a secret code in a jail call to one of his men, telling them to kill Rick's wife, Kate. Rick then came home to his wife dead. During Day 1, he was taken out of prison to help find the nuclear bomb, and later escaped custody. Rick then killed Ronald to avenge his wife's death.

Day 1Edit

Ronald was released from prison during Day 1, when he requested immunity for his past crimes in exchange for helping find the nuke. When him and Rick went to go investigate a lead, their plane was shot down and they landed in the desert. Then, when Rick had his back turned, Ronald picked up a weapon and took Rick hostage. An FBI sniper then shot Ronald and put him back under custody. After the nuke had been recovered, Ronald broke out of custody and revealed he had another nuke. He then escaped to a safehouse and Rick later found him and engaged in a shootout. After Rick killed Ronald's accomplice, he shot Ronald numerous times, and Ronald's body fell into a lake.

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