Psycho-Social was a psychopath who wore makup to disguise his face. Later, when he was meeting Joseph Wald, he removed his paint and suit.

Psycho Social was a former leader of the Civil Protection Agency and psychopath during Day 4. He conspired with Benjamin Tredaku to develop a biological weapon and to raid the United States White House. He committed suicide after being caught by Rick Jackson.

Day 4Edit

Psycho Social first appeared when Benjamin Tredaku needed an idea to get President Joseph Wald to come out of the White House Panic Room. Psycho Social suggested that if Tredaku started killing hostages, Wald would surrender, and it worked.

Later, Psycho Social told his assisstant Rob Wey, that they needed to kill Michael Harris in order to cover their tracks. Rob hired Bill Gaines, and they framed Rick Jackson so they could continue to get the bio-weapon into the country successfully. Later, Gaines also killed Senator Joe Barham to ensure that the trail would be stopped. Rick Jackson later found out from a bleeding-out Gaines that the bio-weapons were coming in one hour. Rick and Chris Andrews attempted to secure the weapons, but Psycho Social himself ambushed Rick with a fully automatic machine turrent and stole back the weapons. Then, Psycho Social blackmailed the President with the weapons. Psycho Social wanted to have the Civil Protection Agency to return to the government, and be the highest branch of civil defense. When Chris Andrews destroyed the missles filled with the bioweapon, Wald had Psycho Social arrested.

Psycho Social later broke out from his FBI patrol car at around 9:57pm. He met up with his henchman at around 10:10pm. They had saved one last canister of the bioweapon, and planned to use it at a subway station. After Rick Jackson stopped the attack, he found Psycho-Social on a parking garage. Psycho-Social then attempted suicide by jumping off of the building. Rick tried to save him, but dropped him from the ledge.

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