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Micheal Harris from Day 4.

Michael Harris was a contact in the White House for Benjamin Tredaku's rajeem during Day 4.

Day 4[]

Benjamin Tredaku called Michael Harris at around 12:10pm to confirm that the White House Raid was still in effect and Harris confirmed that it was. Rick Jackson then tazered Harris and engaged in a private interrogation. Then, after President Joseph Wald told him to stop, Secret Service blew down the door and took Rick Jackson into custody. After the White House Raid, Rick Jackson went back to Michael Harris in the hospital and told him about Tredaku's failure at killing President Joseph Wald. Harris believed that Rick was going to torture him again, and yelled for help. Then, Bill Gaines jumped down from the air ducts and put down a toxin that incapacatated Rick and Harris, and Gaines then killed Harris. Then, Rick Jackson was framed for the murder and fled the scene.