Kasim moments before he detonated the first suitcase nuke.


Kasim presses the trigger and detonates the nuke.

Kasim was a terrorist working for Mohammad Amad's terrorist cell on Day 5. He was the engineer that was suppost to arm all five nukes, but a raid from the Mill Valley Police Department prevented him from arming four nukes. Panicking, he detonated the only bomb he had armed and caused over 12,000 casualties in Mill Valley.

Day 5Edit

Around 8:30am, Kasim arrived to Mohammad's safehouse. After he was greeted, Mohammad showed Kasim the first suitcase nuclear device. Kasim said that the device was necessary to re-program the trigger mechanism was missing, and Mohammad said that it would be arriving soon. Mohammad then left for another safehouse and left Kasim re-programming the bomb.

At around 8:55am, a team of Mill Valley Police Department SWAT units got a report that the warehouse where Kasim and a couple of other terrorists contained terrorist activities. Then, the SGT told the SWAT units to move onto the building. When a terrorist told Kasim and another terrorist that he spotted a cop in the warehouse, they asked Kasim if he could detonate the bomb now, and he confirmed that he could. When the SWAT units found Kasim and his colleagues, they engaged in a fierce shootout. Kasim panicked and jumped up onto the table where the suitcase nuke was, and detonated the device right in front of a bleeding out SWAT officer.


The mushroom cloud from Day 5 after Kasim detonated it in Mill Valley

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