Barham on Day 4.

Joe Barham was a United States senator during Day 3 and Day 4. He went after Rick Jackson and the Civil Protection Agency during his Civil Rights investigation at the Department of Justice. During Day 4, Rick Jackson went for him for help when Jackson was being framed for Michael Harris' murder. When Rick and Barham found evidence that the Civil Protection Agency was behind Harris' murder and the development of a biological weapon, Barham was killed by the CPA assassin Bill Gaines. Rick then fled Barham's house while being pursued by Gaines

Day 3Edit

At the beginning of Day 3, Barham asked Rick Jackson about a certain case where Rick tortured a man to find evidence of an attack in progress. Rick was then pulled out of court to help find the Cordilla Virus.

Day 4Edit

When Rick Jackson was being framed for Michael Harris' murder, he found out from Arnold Robinson that the CPA was being investigated by Barham, and that Barham would have the most information. When Rick talked with Barham, they found out that the CPA was in possession of a biological weapon. When the police banged on Barham's door looking for Rick, they agreed to open it. It was actually CPA assassin Bill Gaines, who killed Barham since he had information. Rick then fled the scene with the evidence on a thumb drive.
Barham is dead

Barham is killed by the assassin Bill Gaines.

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