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Jake Andrews during Day 2.

Jake Andrews was the son of Chris Andrews. He began working for FBI San Francisco during Day 2.

Day 1[]

At the beginning of Day 1, Jake was taking his father's truck when a car bomb exploded and nearly killed Jake and Chris. Later, Jake and Chris were released from FBI medical and they made a full recovery.

Day 2[]

During Day 2, Jake helped the FBI find the poison gas and bring down President Jackson Hicks for selling the gas to terrorists.

Day 3[]

Jake was really important during the middle of Day 3, when he thought he was exposed to the Cordilla Virus in the Comfort INN and Suites Hotel. Fortunatly, he was immune to the virus. But, one of Johnathan Samuels' men kidnapped Jake and forced his father, Chris Andrews, to commit treason for Jake to be released. When FBI found this out, they helped Chris get Jake back, and Jake was successfully rescued and brought back to the FBI.

Day 5[]

During Day 5, Jake helped recover the five stolen suitcase nukes and helped stop William Henderson from selling a stolen FB Sub-Circuit Board to the Chinese government.