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Ike Uba during Day 4.

Uba telling consulate security to find Rick Jackson immediately.

Ike Uba was the Consul of the African Consulate in Washington DC on Day 4. He assissted Benjamin Tredaku and Idihi Akpu-Nku in raiding the United States White House and developing a biological weapon. Uba was killed when FBI DC raided the African Consulate, and Uba shot at a group of SWAT units and was shot in the chest twice.

Day 4[]

During Day 4, Uba was visited by Former President Jackson Hicks. Hicks wanted to know if Uba had any knowledge about a mole in the Algerian government. Uba denied every allegation. Hicks even pursued giving evidence of Uba's role in the Nuke/Gas Conspiracy, but Uba still denied it. Hicks told Rick Jackson that he believed Uba was lying. Jackson took this advice and broke back into the African Consulate, and took Uba hostage. There, he forced out of Uba that Deputy Prime Minister Idihi Akpu-Nku was the mole in the government. Uba's security force then belew down the office door, took Jackson into custody, and saved Uba.

About 10 minutes later, Uba told his security guard Kumba to kill Rick. Rick then incapacitated Kumba and shot him. Uba then had the whole consulate looking for Rick. Later, when President Gowon told Uba to surrender himself and Rick Jackson, Uba refused and the FBI conducted a raid of the consulate. Uba was killed when shot at an incoming FBI team and they shot him twice in the chest.