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Akpu-Nku during Day 4.

Idihi Akpu-Nku was the Deputy Prime Minister of Algeria during Day 4. He worked with conspirators Benjamin Tredaku and Ike Uba to create a bioweapon, kill millions of innocent Algerians, and to carry out further terrorist attacks on the United States. Akpu-Nku was kidnapped by Rick Jackson, and forced to make a confession to Prime Minister Gowon stating his crimes. On Day 5, he helped FBI and Rick Jackson get to Anatoly Maier and the suitcase nukes by talking to Russian Consul Victor Stovitch about the events, and later implicating him in the conspiracy as well.

Day 4[]

Akpu-Nku was revealed as the mole inside the Algerian government by Ike Uba during Rick Jackson's interrogation. When Uba was rescued by his consulate security, he called Akpu-Nku to tell him that there was a situation and that it was under control. Later, he called back Akpu-Nku to tell him that the Americans were entering the consulate. Akpu-Nku was about to leave America, when Rick Jackson kidnapped him and made him confess to every crime on tape. Akpu-Nku was then sent to prison because of his role in the day's events.

Day 5[]

Rick Jackson found a peice of paper in Mohammad Amad's apartment that was a hitlist for all people who could trace Anatoly Maier. Idihi Akpu-Nku was on that list. Rick then visited him in prison. Akpu-Nku then stated that Russian Consul Victor Stovitch would know where Maier was. Rick and Akpu-Nku visited the Russian Consulate an hour later, and Akpu-Nku threatend to release evidence that implicated Stovitch in Day 4's events. Akpu-Nku then left the consulate, and told Rick Jackson he believed Stovitch was lying about not knowing where Maier was. Akpu-Nku was then sent back to prison, and the FBI delt with the situation.