Gov. Dave Becket

Dave Beckett moments before he died.

Dave Beckett was the governor of California during Day 1. He found out a plan conducted by President Jackson Hicks that involved selling poison gas to terrorists. When he was going to report it, he was assassinated at his hotel room in San Francisco

Before Day 1Edit

Dave Beckett was good friends with Rick Jackson during his time of being Governor. Dave Beckett was moments away from calling Rick a day before Day 1, to tell him about the conspiracy with the President, but instead decided to wait until morning.

Day 1Edit

At 6:02am on Day 1, Dave Beckett was looking out the window of his hotel in San Francisco when a sniper shot him in the neck, and escaped. Dave Beckett died instantly before he could expose President Jackson Hicks' role in the Nuke/Gas conspiracy.

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