Francis Newman

Francis Newman from Day 1.

Francis Newman was the Director of FBI San Francisco during Day 1. He lead Rick Jackson and others to help find the rogue nuclear device in San Francisco. When FBI San Francisco was bombed, it was revealed that Francis Newman was the only one who was exposed to a small dose of plasma. But, he was exposed enough that he would die from it. When they found the device, they figured out that it could not be defused. Rick Jackson was going to take the device and sacrifice himself in the detonation, but Francis told Rick that he was going to die anyway, so Francis sacrificed himself in the remote desert so the bomb wouldn't kill anyone

Day 1Edit

Francis began Day 1 stressed because of the assassination of Dave Beckett and the attempted murder of FBI Agent Chris Andrews. He was then partially injured in the FBI bombing that then gave him plasma poisoning. He was then diagnosed that he would live for only more day. So he decided he was going to do everything he could to find the rogue nuclear weapon in San Francisco. After the FBI found the weapon, they concluded that the bomb could not defuse it. Rick Jackson was going to take the plane out with the bomb and sacrifice himself, but Francis said he would do it. Francis then took the plane out and was killed in the nuclear explosion.

The nuclear exposion that killed Francis Newman.

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