General Benjamin Tredaku on Day 4.

General Benjamin Tredaku was the general of a rajeem he created in Algeria. They were killing their own citizens, and causing havoc. President Joseph Wald then sent troops into Algeria, and Tredaku was enraged. He then devised a plan to raid the United States White House, humiliate and kill President Wald on a live film. Rick Jackson saved the President and killed Tredaku at around 2:04pm. Later, it was revealed that Consul Ike Uba and Deputy Prime Minister Idihi Akpu-Nku were also in on this plan. They also traded a place to develop bioweapons with codes to the White House with Psycho-Social and the CPA before Day 4


Tredaku wasn't seen during Redemption, but he was mentioned. Those were also his men that Rick was rescuing the school children from.

Day 4Edit

At the start of Day 4, Tredaku is seen by Arnold Robinson talking to a man by the name of "Harris." It is later revealed, that Tredaku had a leak in the White House, Michael Harris. Harris assissted Tredaku raid the White House until Rick Jackson tortured him and Jackson was later arrested. Tredaku then began entering the White House at around 1:00pm. He killed countless Secret Service and White House staff, before being misleaded to the President by Sean Mason. Tredaku then found out President Wald was in the lockdown room with Rick Jackson. They couldn't break in or hack the code, so they called their business partner, Psycho-Social, and he suggested that they begin kiling hostages. When the first hostage was about to be executed, Wald ordered Rick to open the door. At around 2pm, Sean Mason and Rick Jackson began to plot about how to save the President. Sean sacrificed himself and caused an explosion in the White House. From there, Rick managed to get a gun and hold Tredaku at gun point. Tredaku quickly reached for his gun, but was shot and killed by Rick.

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