Adee Bredenko

Adee Bredenko on Day 2.

Adee Bredenko was a former African General who later turned to an extremist during Day 2.

Day 2Edit

Bredenko had the last 17 of 20 3.10 Nerve Gas canisters supplied by Jackson Hick's conspirators. Bredenko was planning on setting the canisters off at a natural gas center. Rick confronted Bredenko at the gas center and was able to capture Bredenko and send him to the medical wing in the FBI building. Rick interrogated Bredenko, and found incriminating evidence about the mastermind behind the attacks. The mastermind was President Jackson Hicks. When Bredenko was telling Rick where an audio recording of Hicks was located, Bredenko was shot by a sniper outside of the FBI building.

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