Abu Iraz

Abu Iraz from Day 2.

Abu Iraz was a co-conspirator in the Nuke/Gas Conspiracy. He was Abdul Amad's right hand man during Day 2. He was killed when he tried to run Rick Jackson over with a car, and Rick shot him in the head.

Day 2Edit

Abu Iraz secretly worked with Abdul Amad during the Nuke/Gas Conspiracy. Abdul Amad wasn't suppost to know that after he released Rick Jackson from prison, that he would be going straight to terrorists. After Rick had been dropped off by the FBI, Abu picked Rick up and brought him back to their base. There, Rick lied and said he wanted revenge on the US, because they betrayed him by handing him over to terrorists. Rick then observed Abdul and Abu planting a canister of nerve gas into the FBI San Francisco building, and he couldn't do anything because he was undercover. He then broke his cover and held Abu at gunpoint, demanding to know where Abdul was. Abu told Rick the location of the house, and Abu and his men began to try and kill Rick. Unfortuantly for them, Rick shot them all dead.

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